Travel Agent Contract

Travel consultation fees

区分 内容 料金
Consultations on travel We offer consultations on general travel planning.
(Consultations are available even if actual travel dates are not set.)
5,400 yen per session/ Approximately 1 hour
(Transportation expenses will be charged on site consultation.)
※Appointment required.

Transaction fees regarding arranged travel

区分 内容 料金
Travel arrangements including travel consultation This is a service for when the travel destination is not yet decided upon or when there are no specific travel plans, or when planning a trip that requires special arrangement.
We provide a comprehensive support for your travel needs from counseling, consultation, travel arrangement, departure to returning to Japan.
15% of the entire travel expense (excluding fuel surcharge and airport taxes)
Customized travel arrangements This is a service for when travel destinations, dates and purposes are already set and our company arranges the trip based on them. 10% of the entire travel expenses (excluding fuel surcharge and airport taxes)
Tour conductor fees Excludes actual travel expenses, such as accommodation and transportation fees. 30,000 yen per person/day
Change Fees For arranged travel that combines transportation and accommodation reservations For arranged group travel of more than 10 people 10% of the changed part of the travel expenses before the change was made
For other instances not described above 10,000 yen per case
Fare adjustment of unused train/boat tickets 3,000 yen per case
Cancellation of booked accommodation 2,000 yen per case
Communication Fees When urgent adjustments, such as making reservations for the travel destination, have to be made due to customer’s request. 3,000 yen per case
(The charge for phone call and telegram will apply separately)

Other fees

区 分 内容 料金
Airport pickup/drop off service (1)Airport pickup/drop off service
*only when requested by the customer.
15,000 yen per employee sent to the airport
(Transportation and accommodation fees will apply separately.)
(2)When airport pickup/drop off was done in late night, early morning, Sunday or National Holiday.
*only when requested by the customer.
Extra 5,000 yen on top of the fees listed in (1) per employee
(Transportation and accommodation fees will apply separately.)


  • 1.Arranged group travel means multiple number of travelers travel on the same itinerary with a designated person to represent the group.
  • 2.When changing or cancelling the trip at the customer’s request, the change fees and/or cancellation fees listed above will apply on top of cancellation fees set by transportation and/or accommodation companies.
  • 3.When the customer consecutively stays at the same hotel, it is counted as one case.


  • 1.Above fees are for one person or one case.
  • 2.Above fees will be all consolidated.

Please read the Standard Travel Agent Contract for our company’s terms and conditions.

※We constantly provide the most up-to-date data here, but please see “e-Gov (Laws and Regulations Data Service System)” provided by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications for the latest laws and regulations related to Travel Agency Act.